Monday, November 10, 2014

Everthing "intestine" about my week!

Ha ha do you get it? intestine? Yeah i ate intestine today and cow utters too. That was an experience. They love that apparently. It wasn't too bad. It was just really salty. gosh sometimes.... HA ha. well i got an email from some of the other members of our district and apparently this area is really well off! I am feeling very grateful! but i do miss being able to take off my shoes and go barefoot. We cant in our house because there might be scorpians and there's no such thing as carpet here. ANd theres no grass. Well thats what i miss.

 I ate 4 mangos yesterday. We have a mango tree outside of our house. I love it!! Most of them arent ready yet but some of them are so i have a mango for breakfast how fun is that! 

We had two more baptisms this week.   I love love baptisms.  One was the baptism of this sweet sweet young girl.  Her name is Luana and she is 14 years old.  I think her parents will be baptized soon too.   Her dad has a lot of questions for us about the church and we were able to have really good discussions with him about the gospel so i think next week almost for sure he will be baptized. He reads the scriptures a lot so thats good. The other was a man named Mario. He had a really hard past. He used to drink and beat his kids and get angry and so the police took his kid away and he was alone for a while and then we found him.   HE was a wreck i think.   And We taught him about the gospel and he stopped drinking and he reads the scriptures and is going to a psychologist.   The repentance thing and the gift of the holy ghost is a really big thing for him. I think that his whole life is flipped around.   I am so happy for him. He is so happy.  All his sins are washed away and whenever he has negative thoughts he prays and reads the book of mormon and not he is becoming a new man. I am so happy for him.   We got several new investigators this week.  One is named Denise and the other is jose and his wife i forgot her name. We have fransica and her kids. Fransisca was baptised a little while ago but she has a hard time going to church because she has to babysit her grandkids on sundays and the mother of the kids doesn't like the church so we need to help her a lot. And we need to get the rest of her family to church. I am have been able to talk to a lot more people lately. I gave a lot of a first lesson to Denise. Which was really good. And when we were at the house of Fabrisia and Micarla ( two teenage girls who are interested in the church as well but don't want to be baptized because they don't want to follow all the rules) well when we were at their house i was able to explain to them a little bit about how its sometimes hard to give up something you like but if you give something up for god, he always has something better in store for you. And i shared the scripture 1 Nephi 3 7 and told them that god already has a way to help them accomplish the things which the lord has commanded.   He would never ask of them something that they couldn't do.   So language skills are getting better.   It's still really hard because i cant express myself the way i want to but that will come with time and i know that even though i don't say everything correctly i can testify and they can feel the spirit. 
Well every day i get a new nick name. Elder Harris and i are the only two americans within miles and obviously the only blonde people within miles as well so a very common nick name is ´loira` which means blonde. I hear this as im walking down the street sometimes brazilian men just call out `loira loira` usually i just have to keep walking. Another one is obvious Americana. Every single person i talk to asks are you americana? Usually they are really nice about it like they think im super cool cuz im american or something one person even shook my hand was like it is honor just to be in your presence i love you! Most yell the only phrases they know in english which usually consists of I LOVE YOU AMERICANA! Some look at me and shake their heads and say you dont speak portugues do you. I have to explain yes i speak portugues i have been in brazil for 2 months learning how to speak so i dont speak perfectly but i try really hard and usually they like me after that. Another is Branco which means white which goes without explaining. I am very white. The other is Barbie. They think i look like a barbie. Mostly its people i know who call me barbie like the girls in the ward all call me barbie. The other is algodao doce which means cotton candy. All the kids think that my hair smells like cotton candy so they all call me algodao doce and smell my hair. Its so funny. I told you how kissing is a thing here and how everyone kisses everyone on the cheek, kisses in portugues is baixos. So its also a greeting. You can say baixos instead of hi or bye. Also smelling is a thing here too. People smell as they hug you. to smell is cheiro so you can also use this as a greeting as well. Tchau mulher baixo cheiros! Super funny! I love love love that. EXcept for the smelling that a little weird. ha ha. well thats all i got. I hope i answered some of your questions. Not sure if i did. I love you all! Tchau tchau pessoal! Baixos cheiros! Eu amo voces!! 

Love, Sister Baker

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